5-th anniversary of PHARMAGATE company

Since the team of professionals was able to prove itself not only in Ukraine, but also behind its chapels, the anniversary was celebrated by the whole team, including representatives of 11 CIS countries.
A meeting of like-minded people took place in Kiev. The results of the company’s work for five years were summed up on the first day. A nice bonus was a sightseeing tour for the guests of the city. After that the whole team went to the restaurant of Ukrainian national cuisine, where they had an opportunity to get acquainted not only with traditional dishes, but also with the culture of Ukraine. Artists, national ensembles, and also many other surprises helped to create an atmosphere of a holiday.
But that was not the end of the pleasant moments. The company went to the cultural capital of Ukraine – Lviv. This city can be safely called an open-air museum, which strikes with its unique architectural, legends and customs.
The program was rich: a lot of excursions, going to the theater, walking to amazing places, pleasant evenings and finally a gala dinner – all this left a lot of positive emotions and warm feelings from the meeting with colleagues.


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