The quality policy of LLC “Pharmgate”

Pharmgate LLC is an organization that provides support in important areas of the pharmaceutical business and all areas of research, promotion, distribution, sale of various products used in the healthcare sector, in its policy is guided by the principles of quality management, as the most important criteria for maximum development and growth of authority organizations in the Ukrainian market.
The management of Pharmgate LLC undertakes to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and improve its effectiveness.
The application and implementation of the quality management system at all stages of the provision of services are an integral part of the overall strategy and correspond to the goals of Pharmgate LLC. The quality policy creates the basis for setting and analyzing goals aimed at maximum satisfaction of the requirements of consumers at all levels of the market and for strategic planning of future development directions.
The management of Pharmgate LLC declares that continuous training of the organization’s personnel by management and qualified specialists is a prerequisite for the implementation of a quality management system and improvement of the organization’s capabilities.
The company directs all the necessary resources to ensure the implementation of the Quality Policy as the basis for the unity of goals and areas of activity, creating conditions that ensure the maximum use of the knowledge and creative potential of each employee in the processes of implementing the company’s strategy and tactics.

The priority tasks of the company are:

– creation and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, aimed at long-term and constructive cooperation by providing the customer with high-quality services;
– development and improvement of management in the organization through the development of interaction processes between departments;
– promotion of their services to domestic and foreign markets for recognition among foreign companies;
– formation of a positive image of the company;
– ensuring a high degree of satisfaction of the current and future needs of stakeholders;
– high efficiency of the organization’s business processes.

The management of Pharmgate LLC declares that this Policy will be communicated to the organization’s personnel and regularly reviewed for continued suitability.
Pharmgate LLC, headed by the director, undertakes to ensure the implementation of this Policy with the participation of all Pharmgate LLC personnel and to carry out all processes in the organization in accordance with the requirements of the international standard, legislative acts and other mandatory requirements.