Application for participation

If you are:

  • a young professional, student, senior undergraduate education, planning a career in the pharmaceutical industry in the development, production, research, registration, distribution of products
  • specialist of different directions in the circulation of products for health care
  • job applicant “specialist register”, “Regulatory Manager”, “Assistant Registration Department,” “specialist certification”
  • professionals who want to change the qualifications, expertise and skills to get a new and interesting direction to pursue a career in a new way
  • regulatory and medical personnel departments of companies, importers, manufacturers, distributors, products, research organizations, who have no experience in the regulatory area, and should receive a basic or improve the existing level of knowledge and skills to perform the tasks assigned by the company

– we welcome you to our training sessions.

You will receive:

  • materials for the study
  • additional literature
  • the opportunity to see the work of specialists in the workplace
  • the necessary practical skills and advice from a first person
  • the appropriate certificate, which is certified and supported by the authority of the speakers, confirming the quality of the knowledge and skills