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rdApproval, registration, certification of products for medical use - drugs, biotech products, medical devices, food additives, products for hygiene, veterinary and disinfection, medical equipment, cosmetics.

You made the decision to put your products to particular market. What you need?
Do I need to get approval from the authorized agencies?
You do not have the time and resources for this - we can help you.

Our job is to require the approval of your product for its subsequent commercialization.

You are interested in your products launch on the market of one country or group of countries in our region - we guarantee you entry to one gate to all your area.
You will be working with our Regional and Territorial expert who will provide the correct course of the project and its completion on time and within the agreed strategy and policies of your company.

  • Assessment of eligibility documentation in accordance with local laws
  • Identification of a regulatory strategy based on analysis of your product dossier
  • Support processes in the authorized bodies
  • Project Management
  • Interaction with stakeholders involved in the strategy of access products on the market- marketing, supply chain, commercial office


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