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The CIS region covers the countries of the former Soviet Union with a population comparable to the U.S. or EU Union population. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in each of the states that formed the CIS, steps were taken to regulate the treatment of medical products, and in each of these countries have chosen their own strategy.

For example, Russia embarked on a reverse, the restoration of the regulatory framework and regulatory authorities operating in Soviet times, and in Ukraine as a sample was taken the European model, and the basis of their own laws laid directives and regulations of countries - EU members.


As a result of the transformations between the countries - CIS members have differences in the systems of treatment and control of medical products, its medical use approval, the criteria for different categories of products, labeling requirements, including with respect to its performance in the national language, the organization of clinical and preclinical research and evaluation the results. Therefore, companies have difficulties in carrying out activities on the launch of products simultaneously in multiple countries or the region as a whole.

We will provide you entry to one of the gates to all territories interesting for your business.

Our focus - a wide range of services for the investigation, approval and successful launch and maintenance products for medical use in 11 countries of the CIS region.